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Snow-Wing was an ordinary dragon, living in a cave above a clearing. Like all dragons, when people first encountered the massive creature, they feared him. One day, he was called upon to do something mighty, something that would change not only his life...but human history.

The Christmas Dragon is the perfect book for young readers, aged 9-12 or for parents to share with younger children.

“Richard Hazlewood creates a sweet and simple fable for early readers in
The Christmas Dragon Anyone who thinks life lessons can’t be learned from a young dragon finding purpose from his encounter with an even younger Jesus will be converted by this gentle creature’s tale.”
-Carole Nelson Douglas,
USA Today bestselling author of the Midnight Louie feline PI mysteries.

"A kindly dragon is given a precious Christmas gift from a most unlikely source. Hazlewood's story charms with its evocative writing, enjoyable characters, and a life lesson that's never heavy handed. Kids will clamor for
The Christmas Dragon at bedtime—sure to become a holiday favorite."
—Claire M. Caterer, author of
The Key and the Flame

"The Christmas Dragon blends Christianity and fantasy in a sweet retelling of the Baby Jesus and one of his most devoted followers." --Cat Rambo, Past President of Science Fiction Writers of America

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by Richard Hazlewood
Ages 8-12 & the whole family
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Release date October
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ISBN: 978-1-946086-04-4
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